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  1. We can setup something pretty quick I am sure. The fastest way right now would be HAMFEST on NOV 13th and 14th. Do you have any idea what license you are going for and how much instruction you will need? Coming from ECHC I am sure we can coordinate with Ann and get something set up for class time if there are additional people interested.
  2. Counting myself I know one other VE who could. I’ll ask around and see if I can find another who is willing.
  3. http://www.southgatearc.org/news/2020/march/usa-conducts-first-all-online-ham-radio-exam.htm#.XqJiUiU1jDs Might be worth a read. Starting to see new options for testing pop up.
  4. You get a lot of chatter in that area on VHF. Have you started studying for any of the exams yet? I think I have some coupon codes for the online study guides and am happy to help with any questions you have. Tech ticket required 2-3 hours of study in my opinion. You should have no issues if you put any effort into it.
  5. Welcome to site. Where are you located? Will be helping a group with this in Destin/FWB area soon. In mean time we can get you on track.
  6. Hello everyone from FL1. It is great to hear there is interest in radio communications from the group. Amateur (HAM) radio is a good way to start the learning process before working into more technical areas such as EMCOMM, LMR, so on. As a primer everyone should know that no matter what license they are pursuing, they will need to pass a written test in front of proctors. My goal is to get everyone to the level of proficiency they need to get the license they are want, more on that later. For now let us focus on the number of people looking to get licenses. From there we can identify the
  7. https://flhamradio.com/2019/11/14/download-dmr-database/ On some computers you can get a security warning when going to radioed.net. In my experience this is due to their certificate being expired. Check it before you continue if you get a warning.
  8. From the how to on the FCC Vanity Callsign request process. Amateur Radio Vanity/Custom Callsign Requests
  9. I saw a few people having trouble to get their Anytone 868 / 878 to beacon correctly. Before pulling your hair out, first make sure you are on firmware 1.13 or newer. From there the one setting I had to use, which I still don't understand, is the destination callsign. On any other radio I have I can put pretty much anything in there. On the Anytone though I needed to have APZANY as the callsign. The manual TX is set short for testing and should be something closer to 300 if you are using this in a vehicle or 900 if you are unmounted usually. Also worth noting is with WIDE1-1WIDE2-1 my beacons
  10. until
    ARRL's EC-001-S - Introduction to Emergency Communication
  11. Discussion topics for the SB50 article found here: Faster Power Swaps. These 50 amp connectors can make stupid problems in the field a lot more manageable.
  12. If there is a need, we can create additional pipelines. IE: club@flhamradio.com which will post directly to a club page or forum.
  13. Discussion topic from the Email To Forum Posting Guide.
  14. Discussion topic on APRS messaging from: 2 Meter APRS Messaging Getting Started Guide.
  15. rt SYSTEMS develops programing software for a ton of radios for both OSX and PC. With little effort I was also able to get it to run and communicate with several flavours of Linux. According to their site they support the following platforms: Alinco Anysecu AnyTone Baofeng Baojie BTech DMR Radios Dusty Motorsports HYS Icom Jetstream Jimtom Jingtong Juentai Kenwood Leixen Luiton Pofung Powerwerx Puxing Quansheng QYT Rugged Radios Ra
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