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Hello everyone from FL1. It is great to hear there is interest in radio communications from the group. Amateur (HAM) radio is a good way to start the learning process before working into more technical areas such as EMCOMM, LMR, so on. As a primer everyone should know that no matter what license they are pursuing, they will need to pass a written test in front of proctors. My goal is to get everyone to the level of proficiency they need to get the license they are want, more on that later.

For now let us focus on the number of people looking to get licenses. From there we can identify the level they want and deconflict a day to start the training classes so that you may transition quickly right into a test date. The tests are a set fee of 15 dollars and include the 10 year license fee. For this class the cost will depends on the level you wish to pursue but I would ballpark the cost between 20-60 dollars.

With that, who here has interest? Please register and reply with any questions or comments. If you wish we can change whatever username you pick now to be your callsign later. Even non-class related questions can be asked in the other areas and I will do my best to answer them. 

My relevant credentials for this class are as follows:

FCC Extra Class License

ARRL Certified Instructor

ARRL Examiner

EMCOMM Field Examiner

And of course more FEMA ICS/NEMS classes than I can count.

Ann has said you have all been asking for a while so lets get this rolling. 



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I’m in the Naples , ft Myers area 

i called local rep for ARRL and i guess everything is still closed from covid shutdown,

ive been listening in on 2 meter and can’t respond or talk to anyone yet since i don’t have a call sign and i want to be respectful, i wanted to chime in to repeater club meeting and ask them on air lol, but haven’t yet 

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You get a lot of chatter in that area on VHF. Have you started studying for any of the exams yet? I think I have some coupon codes for the online study guides and am happy to help with any questions you have. Tech ticket required 2-3 hours of study in my opinion. You should have no issues if you put any effort into it. 

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We can setup something pretty quick I am sure. The fastest way right now would be HAMFEST on NOV 13th and 14th. Do you have any idea what license you are going for and how much instruction you will need? Coming from ECHC I am sure we can coordinate with Ann and get something set up for class time if there are additional people interested. 

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